Sunday, January 30, 2011


Snow has caused a stir in our house. Wednesday, the daycare closed so we were all in the house for the worst of the storm.  Three of our extended family had a 10+ hour commute home.  We played outside for a little while around 5pm and came in for some hot chocolate. 
Boys in the driving snow.

Pot Head
We got all the snow gear off the kids and the power went out.  We could not find a flashlight to save our life.  Bear lit candles and let me tell you how hard it is to find anything in candle light.  The kids were hungry and we were worried about how cold the house would get over night.  So, we packed up and took our truck to Winchester to a very good friends' house.  She has 5 kids and not a huge house but she was so awesome about us crashing.  We had to feed our kids what Bugs calls "Old Mc Donald's" right in front of her kids.  Then at around 9 pm our neighbor called and told us the power was back on.  We packed the kids back up, leaving sleeping bags strewn all over the living room, and made the trek back to Berryville.

Bugs made a snowman and put on angry eyes and a clay flower pot.

The snow is clinging to the sides of trees. The temperature has not risen to melt any snow away.  I hear Tuesday we are going to have another big storm.  So, back to the Food Dog I go for milk, bread, bananas... and more hot chocolate.

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