Sunday, November 27, 2011

Done and Done

So this year, my only goal was to make sure the boys had new hand knit hats before Christmas. It makes me feel like a good mom while I am knitting lots of other things for me. 

Bomb Bird.jpg
Bugs is the bomb.

Boo as the Dark Knight

Bugs, 6 years old, is a fan of video games and anything black and gold (Go Steelers!!) so I made up an Angry Birds hat. Boo, 2 years old, likes superheroes so he got a Batman hat with mask

It got so cold last week that we unearthed their hats from last year to wear to school. That pushed me to cast on.  I hurried to finish and they were both done the day after Thanksgiving (Yea to Bear for doing all the holiday driving so I could knit.)

Then this weekend, it has been 60 degrees and way to warm to wear their hats. Sigh.

So,  I now solemnly declare in front of all three readers of my blog (Hi Mom!) that there will be no more Christmas knitting.  No last minute projects for the kids teachers, no up all night finishing something for Aunt What's-her-face, No stress, No fuss.  My Christmas shopping isn't done but I have a list. Some of it will be baking because that is quick, cheap and well appreciated but no knitting...I hope.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Different Style

I decided a couple of weeks ago to paint my nails dark denim blue. Last Sunday, I changed it up and painted the tips blue with a plain background. This is a big change for me as I am normally a french manicure vanilla kinda girl.

So, I was out with a knitting friend last night at a restaurant. We had finished eating and pulled out our knitting when I noticed a couple early twenties looking at me (the way the booths were they could not see my friend.) The woman was whispering and all I heard was "She's got..." and "She's like 30" I thought it was my nails. They were too dark and I was too old and they were laughing at my trying to be young and fashionable.  I got uncomfortable until they left.

Just this morning as I am reapplying my nail polish and thinking, "screw that girl" that it hit me.  I was public...maybe she was saying, "She's got knitting in her hands and she like (only) 30."