Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Gotta Crow!

My brand new blanket. It is cozy, squishy and big.It measures 38"x 68" It is 8 inches longer then I thought it would be. But here is my favorite part:

I had 1.5 yards left of yarn. From 12 balls, 1,968 yards, I knit every little bit of it.

It makes me want to crow.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finish line is in sight

I have one more ball to knit up on my cabled blanket. ONE MORE BALL!!  I have been knitting up a ball a week but I am going on vacation next Monday so I challenged myself to get two balls done this week.  I don't want to haul it down there with me.  So, today I finished ball 11 at lunch and started on ball 12.  I am going to knit about 3 inches in pattern and then do garter stitch for border. Then just weave in ends and done.  Here is the photo I took last weekend.
I will keep you updated on my race to finish the blanket by the end of this month.

In other finish line news, my afterthought heel socks are done for Bear. After cutting open the heel:

Finished and basking in the sun on a cabled blanket of goodness:

These socks fit perfectly and will be the template for all Bear socks to come. Now off to make myself a pair...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So much time and so little to do

Scratch that, reverse it.

This weekend I got so much done that I am completely surprised at myself. I got two loads of dishes, four loads of laundry plus some hand wash, grocery store trip, got my class registration for SVFF filled out and in the mail. I baked two loaves of banana bread, deposited money in the bank, bought fruit at the farmer's market, and took a nice leisurely trip to the library. I took my family to Middleburg to see my father for lunch and went out to Gander Mountain and Home Depot after dinner. Then I finished knitting my weekly ball of afghan yarn.  That was Saturday.


Sunday, I cleaned my floors and my kitchen table and had friends over for tea and banana bread. Then cleaned some more while the boys napped plus two more loads of laundry. (Laundry multiplies when you are on vacation.) I finished knitting Bear's socks.  Then, my parents in law came over and we all went out for dinner.  While there, I think I found Bear's Christmas gift.  PIL left to go home and I did some gardening. (My poor yard needed it.) The boys helped (along with my Brother and my fabulous neighbor) and we all needed a major bath after playing in the dirt. I finished reading a book that is due back at the library. Then I contacted the artist about Bear's possible gift.  Now I am blogging about it all while working on this week's ball of yarn (ball 9 of 12.)

Honestly,  I need to find out how to bottle this energy. I needed a weekend like this to catch up but I am afraid I will pay for it tomorrow. Wish me luck. Hugs to all!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hello from NY

Just a quick note to say how much fun I am having in NY.  Despite the traffic, my hyper/ cranky children and my snoring mother, I am having a pretty good time.  We are going to PA tomorrow to an amusement park then drive home on Monday.


I am getting some knitting and got my yarn ball of the week knit up on my throw blanket.  That is the second week in a row.  I have four more skeins of bulky yarn to go.  Good Lord willing, in a month, I will have a blanket.