Thursday, May 24, 2012

And Breathe

This month has been like going into labor. There are moments of calm followed by painful progress that leads to a permanent change to life as you know it.  The only problem with this analogy is that you KNOW when you are done with child birth and every time I think I am at the end of this craziness, one more thing happens.

At the beginning of the month of madness, I was expecting to go through some big changes at work, lose a hubby to a crazy class/ work schedule and have my mother move 120 miles further away from us. All this has now happened plus
  • We received Mom's stove, dishwasher and fridge that were all newer then ours which required finding homes for our old machines and install the new ones. Dishwasher still isn't quite right.
  • The guy who was mowing our lawn and my mother's one acre lot quit and Bear had to take over mowing both.
  • Bear took a renewed interest in the fire hall and has been volunteering at least one night a week
  • I got a kidney infection and was laid up for almost a week.
  • There has not been one week where I have workout all three times.
  • Two friends have gotten the news that they have cancer.
There has been ups and downs but all and all I am glad to see the end of it. Knock on Wood.

Oh, when you have a Kidney infection and really good pain meds, there is little else you can do besides watching Firefly and knit on socks.



I think after this month, I deserve a pretty top and another pair of Monkeys.


  1. Speaking as someone going through several similiar things you have my sympathy!!!

  2. I'm sorry, what a crazy month.

    Monkey is my go to sock pattern. I LOVE Cookie A's designs.