Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Emergency Wool Wash

I saw a drip of something on the tank of my toilet.  I traced it to the source and found that someone had left my wool wash bottle open and the contents were spilled in my makeup bag.  Now, I don't use my makeup more then a couple of times a year, except for some tinted mosturizer with SPF and tinted lip balm.  So it didn't bother me much to toss out some eye shadow that was purchased in the 90s and powder blush that always made me look embarrassed. However, I was so upset that most of a whole 4 oz bottle of Soak in the Aquae scent was about to go down the drain.

Then I had a bright idea.  I filled up my bathtub with cold water and put the makeup bag in.  I cleaned it out of all the soap and hung it to dry.  Then I grabbed any handwash item that had been worn even once. (sweaters get a handful of wears before washing normally.)  Every wool item available got washed and I had so much soap in the tub that everything had to be rinsed twice before hung to dry.


Strangely enough, soon after I had to wash the hands of a sticky handed child.  Wonder why this happened in the sink before I put any soap on his hands:


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