Saturday, April 30, 2011

Warm Hug Shawl and SALE

I made my close friend a warm shawl for her birthday. It is made top down with increases so it sits on her shoulders. She and all her little blonde cuties have been taking turns snuggling under it. It is their "Katie's Hug Shawl."

Bob Ross

I sent a note to the designer, Melissa Hahn, to tell her how much I LOVE the brilliance of this simple pattern.  She wrote me back to tell me that this weekend only, she is going to have a 20% Off Sale on the Crocheted Utilitarian Faroese Shawl and the Utilitarian Faroese Shawl (Knitted) Use my Ravelry name (Katiebell) in the coupon code to get the discount. This was a great stash buster for me and a warm hug for my friend.  Hugs to you all! 

PS.  I drove by the fairgrounds for Maryland Sheep and Wool twice today.  My husband thought me odd for squealing each time.  One week left!!!

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  1. Just beautiful shawl! I do understand squealing for MS&W--I would too and I don't live anywhere near it.