Monday, June 13, 2011

Sock and Sockibility

There was once a fine knitter who professed her undying love to a ball of sock yarn. She spoke to this yarn about future walks in the countryside and evenings spent in the parlor. Then she wrapped the brightly colored wool around her needles with unbridled passion.


However as the days passed the folly of this entanglement led to disquiet while obligation required her continuation of the engagement.

This same knitter, in months past, had promised a close friend that upon the latter quitting the foul habit of smoking tobacco that the former would decree to consent to produce varicolored socks for the latter. A missive came that the friend was now free from the odious weed and so the knitter took up another set of needles and sock yarn of more muted tones for her friend.

Blue and Brown sock

While in full knowledge that these socks being intended for another, she could not fail to see in the new sock all the amiable and irristible qualities that she could not find in her own attachment. She lamented to her dearest companion, whom she could share her deepest secrets, about all her woes.

The dearest companion, who is wise and knowledgable in all affairs of this nature, said without a moments hesitation,

"Just give your friend those rainbow socks and you keep the brown and blue ones that you like better. She won't know the difference, she likes bright colors anyway and you will be happy."

The knitter, in submitting to the new attachment could only hold her bosom buddy in the highest regard and esteem. She will forever be in the debt of this mentor and will owe her fresh bread and home churned butter all the days of her life...

Or maybe not.

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  1. Oh Dearest, Sweet Bosom Friend!
    How will I ever be able to repay your kind advise? To think of the years I might have spent wasting on yarn meant for another! What pain and tribulations from which you have saved me! I will so appreciate those words of wisdom in the years to come.