Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finish line is in sight

I have one more ball to knit up on my cabled blanket. ONE MORE BALL!!  I have been knitting up a ball a week but I am going on vacation next Monday so I challenged myself to get two balls done this week.  I don't want to haul it down there with me.  So, today I finished ball 11 at lunch and started on ball 12.  I am going to knit about 3 inches in pattern and then do garter stitch for border. Then just weave in ends and done.  Here is the photo I took last weekend.
I will keep you updated on my race to finish the blanket by the end of this month.

In other finish line news, my afterthought heel socks are done for Bear. After cutting open the heel:

Finished and basking in the sun on a cabled blanket of goodness:

These socks fit perfectly and will be the template for all Bear socks to come. Now off to make myself a pair...

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