Friday, December 2, 2011


In the knitting world, there is a phenomenon called "Sleep knitting" where you doze off with needles in hand and wake up to find more knitting done then when you drifted off.  Normally your hands go on automatic and just do a knit stitch or a purl stitch over and over.  Never to your hands work in patern, unless it is Garter or Stockinette and then it is only a 50/50 shot that your hands will get it right on their own. Knitters have reported that this usually requires tinking back to correct it.  However, if you don't recognize till 6 inches later, you must start ripping back or the daredevil move of dropping back. (I always feel I need Mission Impossible music when I drop stitches 6 inches down to get make that purl get in line.) 

With Christmas coming up in 23 days, I am issuing this Public Service Announcement to watch yourself.  Do you feel sleepy after staying up late to finish one more row?  Do you wake up with needles in your hands? Please if you feel drowsy, put down the needles. It is not worth it to try to get a couple more rows when you may have to rip it all out again.  Sleep Knitting can get you in deep trouble when you are working on a deadline.  Which is again, only 23 F-ing days away.

The More You Know...

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