Monday, December 26, 2011

Radio Silence

This month has been really quiet here but I have a good reason.  Mostly it has to do with family and the holidays, but it also because of a series of flings.  Knitted flings of course.  Flings must be kept secret, they take you away from your commitments and they make you feel a little knotty.
It all started with a phone call asking my mother what my step-father would like for Christmas.  She said a nice black hat.  I ran out and got some Lion Brand thick and quick and two days later had this:

2011-12-14_21-06-23_493.jpgThen my Godmother surprised me with a really nice gift
so I made her a Fling Scarf.

2011-10-15_16-51-31_696I knit my mother a necklace from the kit she bought at Rhinebeck. I forgot to photograph the finished product but it looked a great deal like the kit photo. This was such an easy pattern, so soft, so pretty and quick nice looking gift.

Finally, there was a nice calming soft brown wool hat that kept me calm through all the December drama. I knit it not knowing who it was going to be for or even why I was knitting it when I have a deadline baby blanket on the needles.  I needed something simple to knit on, something that kept my hands busy and when I cast off I found a very deserving person who felt honored to claim possession of the hat. All and all it was a good knitting month of flings but now I better get my tail in gear and finish the starfish blanket before Little Miss Mermaid comes.

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday.  I think this was one of the best Christmas' we have had in a long time.

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