Sunday, January 29, 2012

Full circle

Here is my finished Starfish Blanket. 2012-01-29_13-15-19_849
I think there was little boy finger prints on the lens of the camera. 2012-01-29_13-44-15_355
This photo shows the size. My 6 year old holding the blanket is 3'8" with a red hat and white shoes. See him?

Casting off the blanket has left a big void.  I have a sock on the needles that I need to work on but I am going to be thinking about what I want to cast on next. It must be something for me.

As of tomorrow, I have been blogging for one year.  This past year has been a year of self awareness and self respect for me.  I have started putting more effort in those things that bring me joy and have cut out the things that add little value to my life.  It has been very cleansing. I still have more work to do (see My Dog is Fat post) but I am feeling good about life in general.

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