Monday, January 2, 2012

My Dog is Fat

There is a bumper sticker out there that says, "When your dog is fat, you need more exercise." Well, that is the case in my house. My poor Corgi mix, Angel, and I both need to lose 20% of our weight to be healthy.

Angel in our freak October snowstorm. She is a tall corgi mix.

I think "lose" is going to be the theme of this year's resolutions. I now resolve to:
  1. Exercise 3-4 times a week to lose weight (Angel is going on a diet and going for more walks.)
  2. Trim down the clutter in my house by selling or donating a big bunch of it.
  3. Knit down my stash without buying a crap ton more. 
I have plans for all of it. I found a free gym that I can use on my lunch break at work. I have my husband on board with the clutter and plan to go room to room starting with the office, aka Katie's NEW yarn room (as soon as I clean out the junk.)

For my knitting resolution, I am going to knit up this basket this year.
Some of my oldest yarns will be knit up in 2012.  The average age is 3 years since purchase (that is pretty old since I started knitting in 2007.)  I am excited to get started.

After I finish my baby blanket that is. Here is my half finished baby blanket for a baby who better wait another 3 weeks before making her way to the world.  If for no other reason, then just so I can finish her starfish blanket. I just finished section 7 of 15 and she is not due for another 27 days, I think I can make it.

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  1. Hey I think you put some of the yarn in that basket in the bag you gave me, that's cheating!!! Giggle... Love you anyway!