Monday, March 5, 2012

Wait! Wait! I can explain!

So, I got some more yarn and a project bag in the mail this week:


Considering I just blogged about some replacement yarn last time, ya'll are thinking I went over the edge. Well, Nuh Uh!

This is my Rock Creek Woodland yarn in the Cable-icous Sock Yarn (BFL and Nylon) base. It is a very special commission yarn that I pre-ordered in October.  I had to have it because RC's Twisterino is not withstanding Bear's rough feet and steel toe shoes very well but he NEEDED camouflage socks.

Then in January, RC had an update and the Sparkly Sock Yarn was so cute. I called fellow knitters to share in the cuteness of the yarn and my Mom decided that I had to have it. She contacted Rock Creek and behind my back she sent in the payment for both yarns and shipping. Because they were shipping together Sparkly had to wait for Woodland to finish dying. (There is a long story about why Woodland took five months to ship but lets just call it quality craftsmanship and let everyone know that I am very happy with my commission order.)


So, then about mid February, I helped a Ravelry friend with her new shawl pattern. Turns out my mad Microsoft Office skills are not just handy at work.  I really just made a beautiful pattern look pretty on the pages.  So, as a thank you, she sent me a Loopy Ewe gift card.  It was burning a hole in my pocket so I chose Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in the Kristy colorway.

And lastly, the Knitgirllls got really Della Q cool bags on this week's episode (which I saw on March 1st) and I found them on Webs for $9, I couldn't pass that up.  Especially since it was burgundy AND  had the word "Random" on it.

So, if the mail lady (who has brought me all this yarn in the past week) contacts the knitting police, I can honestly say that only ordered one item a month, that I have only spent like $15 and that sock yarn doesn't count.

Because I know you are all dying to know, I have been working out three times a week since January without fail.  Now I just need to work on tweeking my diet and I will be losing mad weight.

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