Sunday, February 26, 2012

If I could turn back time

My Blue Earl Gray Socks are gone.  They were my first real socks. They fit perfectly right off the needles.  They were cozy, squishy and warm.

RIP Blue Earl Gray Socks 6/10-2/12
The problems started when the woman selling me the Cestari Yarn at MDSW 2010 told me the yarn would not felt.  One run through the washing machine with cold water showed that to be untrue.  They just shrunk a little though. So, I would just block them after I hand washed them and they would fit as long as I kept the smaller one on my left foot.  This went on for over a year till I just had to face the fact that my socks were too small for my feet. So, I gave them to my mother.

This was my second mistake. I love you, Mom but you are the kiss of death to anything that is hand wash only.  The first sock was gobbled up by her overgrown 70 lbs puppy.  I was very sad.  The second sock snuck in to the washer to commit heri kari.  So, Mom being crafty is making one into a sock puppet and the other into a pot holder.

There is a happy note to this story, however.  I walked in to Yarnability this past week (really nice store that I will be returning to soon) and spotted this on the sale rack:


It is the same yarn, same color of the my cozy socks!  I grabbed them up and took them to the counter where I explained my excitement to the owner.  She said, "How nice. You are going to make your mother some new socks?"   I said, "Heck no. These socks are for me!"

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