Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reviewing my year

At the end of the year I do my very best to review my New Year's resolutions before I make new ones. So, here goes:
1. Exercise 3-4 times a week to lose weight (Angel is going on a diet and going for more walks.)
This was a success. Angel is at her goal weight and although I have only dropped about 10 lbs, I have gone down four pant sizes. I toned a lot and I can jog a 15 min mile.

2. Trim down the clutter in my house by selling or donating a big bunch of it.
I gave away tons (literally tons with a fridge, freezer, oven, 2 fish tanks and a dishwasher) of items to freecycle and goodwill but I have miles to go.  This will be a continuing process into the New Year.  I think we are going to assign a room a month to de-clutter. Hubby hates this idea but after moving his parents and mine, we have realized we have got to pare down.

3. Knit down my stash without buying a crap ton more. 
This one is open for interpretation.  I knit up 10,363 yards and I purchased  3,371 yards. Sounds great till you realize this is a "Katie" story.  Between swaps, gifts and yarn that I won, my new yarn total is 7,864 yards. Before you say swaps shouldn't count, I should confess that I swapped new yarn that I won or was gifted this year for other yarn so it still counts.  Plus none of that counts the fiber I have purchased.  I think I broke about even.  I did knit up lots of old yarn though so I will still count it as a win.

I think I am planning to keep these resolutions for the next year.  It took longer then a year to gain and it will take longer then a year to slim down.  Hugs to all and happy New Year!

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