Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brain is on vacation

On this last three day weekend of "summer," we took a drive up to the family farm. We had a great time playing baseball, throwing the frisbee, chasing a toad, looking at deer scat, running around, eating lots of yummy food and climbing on everything. (Yes, I am a mother of two boys, how did you guess?)

2011-09-03_12-55-11_117.jpg 2011-09-03_12-55-27_781.jpg

At the end of the day, our uncle, the farmer, told us that there were some new baby chicks down in the chicken house.  Would the boys like to see them?  The boys were so excited that I didn't give it a thought.  Sure, we can go down and see the chicks.  We had a great time petting their downy feathers and giggling at their little wings.  We drove home and I got two inches done on my knee socks.  Then we all fell into bed. Great day.

But here is the hitch, I am allergic to chicken feathers.  I have known this since my grandmother had old chicken feather pillows on her guest bed when I was a child.  I have bad reactions to the flu shots because of my chicken allergy.  So, this morning I was all clogged up.  I feel like I have been hit with a two by four in the nose.  I have taken enough allergy and decongestant meds to stop an elephant just so I can breathe.

To see their faces as they talk about being around the chicks makes it all worth it though.

In knitting news, I have three projects and three deadlines.  My Wish shawl needs to be done by Sept 24th for SVFF.  Knee Socks have to be done by Oct 22nd for Maryland Ren Fest. My Oak Cardigan has to be done by the end of the Knitty KAL on Nov 30th.  Then I have a couple of Christmas/ Birthday small items to be done by mid Dec.  I do better with knitting deadlines. Wish me luck!!

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