Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shawl and Swag

My Wish shawl is finished.  I feel rather clever when I wear it. The grey is handspun (not mine, I got it in a local yarn swap) and I am guessing it is wool. The teal is 100% yak yarn from Bijou Bason Ranch.  It has excellent stitch definition.


Below is my haul from SVFF:

From left to right: Furnace Mountian Suri Alpaca Lace Weight (grey yarn in mug); Mug is handmade by Liz and Wendy; black folder is full of info from my class with Mary Gildersleeve; The bulky yellow cotton is 4 skeins of Queensland Pima Fresca; Bulky Blue cotton is 5 skeins of Araucania Nature Cotton; Soap is Sheep's Milk Soap from Row House Farm;
the last couple of Rav buttons from a wonderful meet up; SVFF mug (says "Fiber for Ewe" on the back); two shawl patterns. Not pictured is a calender from Sheep Incognito (I really wanted to take home a $3,000+ painting but settled for the calender) and  a deluxe set of stitch markers from Lizard Toes.

What did you get?

As a side note, I have heard from people who have had problems commenting on the blog.  I have allowed anonymous comments for now.  I am going to check with blogger to see what is going on. Thanks y'all.

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