Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bugs went missing

I was sitting with my laptop early this morning and watching Tim Minchin and Only1Noah.  Boo was in the TV room watching cartoons and I had not seen Bugs yet.  Then I looked up at the clock. It was too late for Bugs to be sleeping. He wouldn't go to bed on time if he didn't get up soon and tomorrow is a school day. 

So I strolled into his room and his bed was empty.  His covers were on the floor.  I picked up his covers but he wasn't under there. I ran to his brother's room and our room on the chance that he woke up and crawled into another bed.  Nope and nope.  I started to panic (as I am apt to do) and I ran through the bedrooms again. I looked under the beds, around the closets, and under all covers again. What will I tell his father, should I call the police, OMG where the heck could he have gone! Would he have gone outside, could he be in the basement, maybe the back deck.

 I started yelling his name as I checked the bathrooms. Screeching when I turned the corner and there he was, coming out of the TV room.  He had walked right past me earlier while I was glued to the computer. I picked him up (hard to do because he is 7 and all legs) and I said, "I thought you were kidnapped by Aliens!" He looked at me and said, "Mom, Aliens aren't real." Touch√©.

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  1. I love that boy, he has a good head on his shoulders... but when the TV is on the ears turn off!!!