Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One of those days

So, Tuesdays are my one day that I have to work full time and be an only parent.  I am aware that there are other people who do this every day but one day a week is enough to wipe me out.

My day was normal until I got home. I have two hours from the moment I get through the door till the boys go to bed.  My elderly dog peed in the bathroom, Bugs knocked his dinner on the floor on accident,  I realized a stitch was missing two rows down on my fair isle Sheep Heid hat, I found the DVD that I swore to my friend I had already returned it to her and then Bugs busted the mirror in his bedroom, also on accident.  So, after all the clean up, feeding, bathing and tucking in, I smothered my sorrows in a peanut butter & bacon sandwich while surfing the internet and listening to Boo NOT go to bed.

Then it hit me.  I remembered that I can just make the missing stitch from two rows below and then ladder it up like a dropped stitch.  Somehow, that made me feel much better (well, the bacon didn't hurt either) and I am going to bed on a high note.  


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