Tuesday, February 12, 2013

E-mail Quiz

Do you remember back in the old days when friends used to send each other quizzes through e-mail?  Like "Who are you more like, Brenda or Kelly?"
Or "Which New Kids on the Block singer is your soul mate?"

You answered the questions and got points for your answers or sometimes it would just say Mostly A you are...mostly B you are ...

So, one of these quizzes hit a nerve with me all those years ago. It was the "Are you Selfish or a Pushover?" quiz.  Really only one question hit the nerve. It said:
If you are headed to the public restroom and you know people are coming in behind you. There are 3 stalls. Do you:
A. Go in the first stall which is the handicapped stall
B. Go to the second stall in case there is someone behind you who needs the handicapped stall
C. Go to the third stall to allow others to have the first two
There were other questions like this and when you got to the bottom you found that people who picked A's were selfish and C's were pushovers.

Now, every time I go to the public restroom (yes, every time) I think of the woman (I just know it is a woman) who wrote this stupid quiz.  I know that she liked the first stall at work. She wanted it all for herself and she didn't want anyone else to use it. So, she wrote this quiz and sent it to her co-workers.  Then the other women were brainwashed into believing that they needed to use the second stall or they were a selfish person/ pushover.  I wonder how many women were affected by this e-mail. Then I wonder if I could make a quiz to convince my co-workers to clean their own dishes and not leave them in the work sink.

By the way, I was a Brenda and Joey was my soul mate, of course.

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  1. If they had run that same questionaire in the 60 the choices would not have been selfish or pushover the choices would have been Suave or Gouche!!!